We’re Hiring!

  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Do you like variety in your work, with interesting challenges and surprising rewards?
  • Are you looking to apply your talents outside the institutional health care system?
  • Do you value a flexible work schedule?
  • Is work–life balance a priority?

If so, consider joining our team!
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We are a care management company dedicated to assisting older adults and the disabled as they journey through aging and the very confusing health care system. We believe in providing comprehensive support that addresses issues of the body, but also of the mind, heart, and spirit. From medical advocacy to facilitating social interactions, or simply providing an empathetic ear, we show up for our clients as a guide/concierge to remove barriers and facilitate change so they can live the life they want to its fullest.

In terms of company culture, we value

  • our people. As a team, we nourish an environment of mutual support. Each of us is dedicated to caring, respect, and kindness. Beyond that, you are encouraged to be yourself, engage authentically, and let your strengths shine. We provide wages that are competitive for [Your Service Area]. For benefits, we provide [***description***]. To support your personal life, we can offer flexibility in scheduling. And for fun—also important—we ***.
  • your professionalism and growth. We respect the training and life experiences that have brought you to this point and support you in continuing to expand. We are committed to the best practices in eldercare and the care of the disabled. [Anything you do here in terms of tuition support, staff webinars, bringing in speakers…?] Just as we empower our clients, we encourage our team to use the full range of their skills. Have an idea for a new program we might offer? Let’s talk!
  • work with purpose. Every day we have the opportunity to improve the lives of our clients and their families. It is our joy and our privilege to know that we can make a difference with every person we touch.

Currently we are looking for [***job title, with requirements and description. If more than one job opening, make a topic for each***].