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These articles are our gift to family caregivers. We understand the challenges you face and are here to support you 24/7.

For older adults who are currently doing fine but recognize the need to plan for the future, be sure to check out our Aging Well Blog.

E-library for families:

Learn about aging and the journey of elder care

Tips and Tools for Families

Gain insights about changing roles and your place in the aging family

Important Documents

Create the official papers needed to be sure your wishes are followed

Strategies for older adults

Caring as a stepfamily

National Stepfamily Day falls in September. To honor these special families, we are featuring an article about working with stepsiblings. It could be that you have hardly met your “brothers and sisters,” yet you may be called upon to work together in an eldercare crisis.

Managing pain with music

Managing pain with music

September is Pain Awareness Month. Consider addressing your loved one’s pain with tips from music therapy. No drugs. No side effects. Simply drawing on the mind-body connection to lift mood, enhance relaxation, and distract from pain.