Six million older adults are solo agers: Without children and living alone. Many have an active support circle of peers—their family of choice. But when it comes to getting help as they age, they don’t have the traditional support networks. This is where we come in!

We understand the challenges of solo aging. If you are a solo ager, even if you have very close friends, when the time comes you could all be dealing with enough health challenges that you won’t be available to help each other out as you do now.

Let us help you proactively make arrangements so you will have the support you need and want, across all aspects of your aging journey. No one can predict what their elderhood will look like. But with professionals at your side who have deep knowledge of your values, your priorities, and your resources, you can be assured that you will not walk your journey alone.

Ways we can help:

  • Creating a support network. Aging is more than a biological process. It involves emotional and social realities. There are legal and financial issues to address, as well as practical tasks of daily living. This is why we like to work in a team context that includes an elderlaw attorney and a wealth manager.
  • Being prepared. A proactive approach will help you be ready for whatever comes your way. As the [Your Service Area] experts in aging well, we can assist you with the overview and guide you through the often-confusing labyrinth of the eldercare network.
  • Medical emergencies. As healthy as you are now, all it takes is a fall, or a stroke, or a car accident, and you could find yourself in the Emergency Room with a serious threat to your independence. Let us advocate for you in the hospital and ensure that you are discharged to high-quality follow-up care.