Dementia care

With a thorough assessment we can assist you in developing a plan of care so your relative has dignity and as much independence as can be safely arranged. We focus on quality of life for the client, and supporting family members who are also going through their own challenging times. Misdiagnoses are common with dementia. Put our experience to work for you to be sure that your loved one receives the best care available for their specific condition.

Dementia topics we can help you with: 

  • Difficult behaviors. From wandering to emotional outbursts, caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, or some other type of dementia, can be very challenging. Our staff can teach you strategies for redirecting aggression and irrational actions.
  • Financial protections. People with dementia can make unwise financial decisions. They also fall prey to financial abuse by fraudsters. Let us help you give your loved one the autonomy they need while also instituting protections to safeguard their resources.
  • Driving the car. We can help you assess relative safety and guide you with strategies or resources to provide appropriate independence. When changes bring safety into question, we can also offer help to transition your loved one to driving retirement.
  • Safety at home. In the early stage, it may be quite safe for your relative to live on their own. As the condition gets worse, however, they need more supervision. Eventually 24/7. We help you assess your loved one’s ability to safely live independently. Based on our assessment, we can help you build a support team with suggestions for local services that can extend the period your loved one can safely live at home. Or make recommendations for the best memory care in [Your Service Area].
  • Support for families. Caring for a person with dementia is incredibly stressful! From the sadness of watching your loved one decline, to frustration as they accuse you of stealing, we are here to support you through this. Together we can build a support network. You don’t have to go through this alone.