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Warning Signs
Your Parent May Need Help

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  • What to do
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Is your loved one safe at home?

  • Do they have memory problems?
  • Are they withdrawn? Socially isolated?
  • Are they losing weight? Not eating?
  • Should they still be driving?
  • Can they manage their financial affairs?
  • How is their balance? Are they falling?

What's inside the guide?

Warning Signs

Assembled from recommendations by the Administration on Aging, the Alzheimer's Association and the American Automobile Association, you learn key signs that a problem may be brewing.

Important Assessments

Discover the 8 types of assessments that can identify safety issues and whether the roots of the problem are medical or have to do more with memory loss, social isolation or other common conditions.

Elements of a Care Plan

Consider development of a care plan with recommendations for home safety, memory issues, and driving concerns, as well as local support services available to help.

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